The Company

About Us

Eurospal has been founded in the early ‘80s in the province of Modena and shortly has become one of the most successful Italian companies in the textile industry, especially for the laminated fabrics and the thermoforming.

The firm is specialised in processing laminated fabrics for sport, apparel, underwear, footwear, handbag and furniture fields. Our manufacturing process is based on a peculiar water-based acrylic or polyurethane resin infiltration which is directly applied on one side or equally on both sides on different types of polyurethane film ( neoprene, moltoprene…) and natural latex.

The company has a broad experience in the employment in the most sophisticated technologies in the textile industry. During the last decades of activity we have developed the capability to realize manufacturing for the thermoforming of the laminated fabrics. Thanks to this kind of production we have been able to create performed bra cups, swimwear products and also different thermoformed fillings (cushions, gadgets, bags..).

Our staff is constantly evolving and ready to satisfy the most various needs, ensuring a high-quality products.